A Beautiful Marriage Called Architecture

Architecture in its ideal form is a marriage between science, technology, art and humanities. Each of these subject areas has a vital role to play in what may or may not be considered as ‘architecturally sound’.

Having grown up in the city, Brooklyn to be exact, you get used to the everchanging face of the borough from the cycle of addition and demolition of concrete structures. For me, watching the skyline from a subway train as it passed over a bridge going into Manhattan was one of the most amazing sights imaginable.

Thom Mayne once defined architecture as a process that asks questions and then tests them, in a reiterative way. Confusing, yes but that is the nature of thinking of an architect. Because there are artistic ideas that he/she may have, those must be tempered with expectations of the client(s) or government body paying for the plan.

Ultimately, all this has to be then put on paper after testing it against scientific and technical constraints ready to take shape in the form of brick, mortar, concrete, glass and other construction materials.

In a way, this website is my form of laying bare all that love, fascination, rant, expectation and what have you for the architectural cynosures and eyesores alike that lend New York City the restless yet ever evolving concrete spirit that it has come to be.

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